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  • See my Blog site for new News
    A while back I started a Blog at stop by there for up to date news.
  • ProTools is updated
    Added ProForm screen position save and restore.  Set ProForm where you want it, ProTools will reposition ProForm when it's opened, long before you're ready to use it. ProTools also handles other information windows, like word merge is starting or ending.  Also added a link to the download page
  • ProCal is Released
    The standard for a calendar for the small to medium closing business has been raised to the roof with the release of ProCal for SoftPro Enterprise or Standard.  Visit for more information.
  • ProGFE
    Update notice
    ProGFE development is continueing with a fully web based release expected this summer.  Control your fees from your ProForm Templates, and automatically deliver them via the Web.  Currently ProGFE responds via eMail. 
  • Top-N-Reports
    New Report set developed
    There's a new report set on that reports your top Realtors or lenders, by dollar value or number of deals.  Find out who's sending you what with a Top-N-Report package from VF Information, LLC.