Providing SofPro Agents Information Since 1991

Automation for Softpro ProFormfractal gear set provides SoftPro Agents automation tools for their operation. 

For now, most of our operations are behind the scenes.  Visit Dan's blog or the SPUsers forum for for Tip, Techniques, Advanced Reporting, and other specialized information for SoftPro ProForm and Select.   

Among other things, offers custom programming services for SoftPro users.  Sometimes it's a report, other times a web service automation, sometimes it's just nice to have an Outlook message open with file information in it.  Whatever the need, if it consists of talking to ProForm, I can probably help.  I create fast cost effective tools for SoftPro ProForm.  If  you need a robust full featured application, we can do that too, we just love working the quick 30 hour customized tool.

There are also things hosted here like the 360 Live Cost calculator.  You can find my contact information on the About page, visit my blog or check out a flash from the past my rather old company site